Hubbard – the problem with religion?

For the last couple of thousand years, our lineage has clung to a creed which can be traced to one man. He, in turn, could have only given local advice, both in terms of location and era. Indeed, “render unto Caesar”.

The creed, of course, was morphed by those wishing to use it for power – I’m pretty sure the “kingdom of heaven”, as originally described (it is easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle, than to etc) was a comfortable-with-self state of mind. No more.

Only later, was that used as a pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die inducement to fund an indolent bishopric lifestyle, reinforced by the ‘eternal fires’ threat.

Then they were all urged to ‘go forth and multiply’, “spread their seed on stony ground”, and ‘cast their nets on the other side’: and the die was cast. From that point on, we were doomed to be where we are. The names are irrelevant – Hubbard could be Smith, Brown, English. The actions – facilitating and/or taking part in exponential resource-extraction, had to run up against the brick wall. It should have been clear – colonisation of virgin territories, then none left to discover. 1 billion folk become 7 billion in less than 2 centuries. Activity per-head burgeoning atop of that. All extractive impacts multiplied manyfold. All pollution impacts ditto. Geographical coverage increasing exponentially. It had to end, and badly. Going faster than it ever had when it hit.

I remember looking at the China Olympics, turning to Jennie, and saying “this must be it – it can’t be kept up beyond here”.

The arrogance with which that creed set forth ‘missionaries’ through the Pacific two centuries ago, I suggest is the same inherent superiority which ended with Hubbard being in the position he’s in.

By choice, not by incompetence, many of us trod (and tread) a less omnipotent path.

The debate won’t go anywhere this, of course. It’ll be a hip-pocket-driven witch-hunt, followed by a game of musical chairs. Followed by another attempt at full-steam-ahead.

So sad.

He won’t be the last, either. This has to be an accelerating cascade, post peak.

Go in piece(s). Preferably smaller ones.



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