SCF – thoughts.

Most of the talk today is knee-jerk stuff about SCF. Recriminations, witch-hunts, some fair-enough questions, and those who think Hubbard was either a saint or a sinner.

I don’t think it matters, anymore. In the way that First-Class vs Steerage mattered diddly-squat in the water abaft the Titanic that night.

Hubbard was wrong – but then so were, and are, the vast majority. Phil Goff, for example, suggesting that ‘more growth’ would have saved the day.

They all failed to see the limits. All failed to recognize that fiat-based fiscality couldn’t exist forever in a finite sphere.

Does that make them guilty? In my book, yes. Not the kind of guilty the SFO would think about, but the social guilt vis-a-vis my children, and their contemporaries.

These folk willingly undertook to rape the place in an unsustainable way, and whenever someone like Rachel Carson, or the Club of Rome came along, they went into denial, poo-poo mode.

Yes, there will have been greed, and at the taxpayer’s expense. Yes, there will have been nudges and winks. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter very much. The First-Class and the Steerage all end up in the water, both their accumulated ‘wealth’ piles at the bottom of the sea.

Time for a new order. Colin James may be on to it – he has talked of a new future. Not sure he’s right onto it, but he’ll get there. One of the problems for all scribes is that to remain credible, they have to say the King has a wonderful suit of clothes.

Making it hard to be brave.


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