A good day – I almost feel guilty

I had a couple of emails today from a friend in Chch. It included a snap shot of empty supermarket shelves.

In contrast, I had a ball. I finally fired the re-configured pelton wheel up. The intake, pipe and nozzle are the same (for now – all are on the drawing-board). The difference is that instead of taking the 12 volts DC up from the creek to the house, I took the 3 AC lines from the Gentle Annie, and did the rectification up at the house.

They’re a nominally higher voltage, so less loss, and the same number of wires, because we had a shunt (2nd feed) as well as pos and neg, in the first configuration.

To keep losses down, I used 10mm cable, big terminals, and sweat-soldered the lot. The result was astounding – 3.8 Amps at the batteries, up from 2.something.

I reckon we will get close to 6 Amps with the feed pipe (currently 32mm, going to 50mm), filter (75mm inlet/outlet, big basket), and nozzle (straight run, 50mm-to-4mm taper, and maybe multiple nozzles) alterations.

That’s the theoretical max for the head and flow.

Feeling quite smug.

Sorry Martin!  Come and stay anytime.  🙂


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