my repy on Neville Bennett post / David Caygill

I’ll do a better post on this later. The following is a reply on the thread

Having watched clever Caygill not getting it, I think a ‘simple bloody artist’ probably has as good a chance as anyone!

Do you work with clay at all?  Get yourself a pile of it. Start using it, using more each day than you did yesterday.

Watch what happens from the half-way-through point.

I’ve done it with a group of students, a pile of gravel, and shovels.

It staggers you.

Caygill was defending the rising cost of power (which is energy, and as energy is required for everything, he was defending the inevitable rising cost of everything) saying they go for the cheapest generator option, then for the next-cheapest, then the next and the next.

So they’re getting sequentially more expensive per megawatt. Can’t not.

Which is exactly what folk like me have been saying for years – we drive Business As Usual using the cherry-picked, cheapest energy options. Meaning it gradually throttles itself.

Meaning there is no such thing as Business As Usual. Why is that such a hard concept for folk to grasp?

Even cherry-picking, we’re in the 1.4 quadrillion debt situation we’re in now. The economists/ideologues think they’re having trouble because maybe they haven’t got enough competition in the system.

The old NZED folk used to extrapolate exponential demand into the future, throw up their hands and say ‘nuclear’.

Both suffer from the same problem – finite limits to exponential growth, via curtailment of good-quality easily accessed energy (you can call it ‘cheap’ , but that’s not quite the same thing.

Nobody listens to Muggins – I’ve been spouting this to deaf ears for years – maybe you can get it across via art. Good luck.


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