Gwynne Dyer

Today’s ODT has an opinion piece from Gwynne Dyer. He’s regarded as one of the best, globally, and as often being right. As in: correct.

Sorry, the ODT haven’t put it up on their site, and I guess it will be a wee while till Gwynne puts it up on his.

But essentially, he questions the meaning of ‘rich’, and en passant points out that a sustainable global population may well be 1 billion.

You just wonder what Murray Kirkness makes of it. The relativity difference between that coming paradigm, and going into bat for neurosurgery…… you gotta wonder.

Pity – If he got the information to his readers, they would be informed, and could be prepared. They could vote in appropriate people. As it is, they have no idea.

Is it a chosen path – ie propaganda through silence?

Or smallness of intellect – a genuine inability to appraise?

Who knows. I’m off to put the goat back in his hutch.


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