The day so far……

I had a list today.

Top of it was finding the phone problem, then fixing the log-splitting axe, then letting the chickens out (we keep them in until they’ve laid) and a bit of writing.

The phone line arrives at our property about 400 metres North of is, and we bring it along the fence, tagged to it at intervals, with a bit of ‘give’ in it. Then it goes under the drive, down behind the water-tank, and comes up through the floor of Ishy’s shed. Then it meanders past the willows, crosses the grass path, swings it’s way to my workshop shipping container. Then it slips right to Jaryd’s shed, left to the house.

When it goes dead, I have a test phone with two alligator clips, and I check at places along the line, then at Ishy’s shed, then at the container…..

The last time I did this, the line had been broken along the fence, by a rock of a size I couldn’t shift. It had been dislodged by a digger, which was laying the fibreoptic link along the highway. This on an exchange which doesn’t have called ID! The irony of that bundle going parallel to our fence-hung line, worlds apart, is noted. Often. Should have seen their eyes, when I suggested me cutting in to the fibre link, tapping into a few strands…..

Last night, snow flurries and b cold, I traced all the way to the first check-point, and nothing. It would have helped if I’d known the test-phone was shot. Found that out this morning – put the multimeter onto the first check-point, got a friend to ring, and got 53 volts. Live to there, then – but no dial tone and no talkies.

So – crouched in the forest, sitting on a log, under a brollie, fitful snow about, I rang faults. She rang the line – ringing, to her but not to me.

Phone, then.

So I got another phone, grafted the leads onto it. And the line worked all the way to the house. Gr hiss mumble…..

Sat writing for a while on Ishy’s steps, laptop connected to his outlet, then on with the rest. The pelton wheel is doing it in spades these days, those times I used to spend mucking around with power supply seem to be behind us, so after the chores (6 eggs, one on home detention) I’m going to have a look at the pile of radiators. Time to get a solar water heating system together for Summer.

Life, as they say, is alright.


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