I’m back! Peak Oil, Elections, Hobbitt

I’m back. Jaryd and I flew up to Tonga, and joined Ishmael as crew to bring the superyacht to NZ. Grimwoods made up half the crew! We got to swim with a Humpback mother and calf, which was cool, and the trip had a bit of everything – 2 days of flat calm, 2 days of 20-30 knots on the nose, a squall, good company, wouldn’t have missed it for the world. You don’t often get the chance to helm a 105-foot, 90-ton thoroughbred to windward in the open ocean.

Reality seems to chug on. Parliament has a Report on Peak Oil on the table now, but the Hobbit is more important. Awesome.

Seems we have a Peak-Oil aware Mayor (Dunedin) and the Council has lost two of its worst deniers, picking up one in particular (Jinty MacTavish) who is fully up-to-speed. Yet their Economic Development guru – one Peter Harris – is on the front page of the ODT, lauding growth in resident numbers. Sigh.

I’ve got a beef with Dr Susan Krumdiek too. For one of her standing to say that “fuel supplies were likely to dwindle to ….1960 levels…. by 2050”   is disingenuous. Maybe she doesn’t want to frighten the horses, but the population in 1960 was 3 billion, in 2050 projected to be 9 billion. More of whom expect to consume.

The comparison is a nonsense. Still, I’ve seen a Prof (with an audience including 3 more Profs) showing the IEA’s Slide 7, in all seriousness, and only being challenged by me.

Maybe academia will fail us, which is a pity. It’s an impossible task, agreed, to turn 7 billion folk comfortably into 2 billion, while not trashing the planet, and all by 2030 or so. Still, no harm in trying, eh?