This is a comment on Stuart Stanifords blog ‘Early Warning’.

It gets it beautifully:


The problem is that American politics has to lay in the bed it made. For years, the government (all branches, all parties) has been been telling people what they want to hear instead of what they need to know. Now, when the circumstances are showing that returning to the way it was is impossible (whether you long for the 80’s, the 50’s or some other time), politicians cannot start telling the truth. Americans won’t believe them, having been misled for so long. The public now believes what they were told, they believe they can go back to business as usual. No, worse than that, they believe it is their non-negotiable birth right to live they way they envision their fondest memories of their best times. Given that, every politician, every party, is destined to disappoint. It’s hard to see how we get out of this catch-22… gridlock looks more and more like death and taxes… here to stay.


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