IEA – as good a comment as any (from the oil drum)

This person is quite right – the graph is a disingenuous nonsense, and NZ (along with 27 other countries) uses it to plan ahead from.
HAcland on November 11, 2010 – 10:58am Permalink | Subthread | Comments top

The most glaring omission in the WEO report is where they expect to find all that lovely crude which has yet to be found, but that is absolutely central to their thesis. That is the light blue chunk of the above chart. Frankly, it is laughable. Anything else wrong with the report must take a backseat in terms of importance.

Just eyeballing it reveals that the world needs to find – and bring online – at least 10M bbl of new crude production in just 4 years!! That is FIND it first, then develop it and get it to market.

Time to wake up and smell the Peak Oil coffee. The debate is over. And this is from the most ‘bullish’, ‘cornucopian’ institution going.


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