balance : the environment vs development

There’s a lot of shyte aroung at the moment.

Sustainable development is one such. It’s an oxymoron, but our media trot it out with gay abandon. Simply, it would require an infinite sphere of operations, and no matter how large a finite sphere it operated in, it would hit the limits within amazingly close timeframes.

The other is one which Hugh P-something-ich and the 2ic of Federated Farmers trot out – that you must strike a ‘balance’ between ‘the environment’, and development.

Actually, you can’t. The environment is everything, including the developers and their developments.

To think otherwise is arrogant, ignorant, or both.

There have to be limits, they have to be enforced, and then (and only then) it should be up to the individual what they do within the rules.

These folk are actually arguing for a continued repeal of limits, a (growing) step at a time, until there are none left. Whether they choose not to see that bigger picture, is irrelevant, really. That’s what they’re part of.


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    Interesting. I guess we look most like the USA graph.

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