this is well put…..

I was doing some homework on Lithium, and came across this:

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Here in the USA many people are looking for a single technology to be made that will solve our energy and pollution issues related to transportation.

We mostly, absolutely do not want to change the way we drive.

We want techno-magical products we can buy,

We want these techno-magic products at even lower dollar cost than we pay today.

Politicians and MSM hype “the next big thing” and so people sleep on, thinking that “they” are taking care of it.

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” (Movie reference)

The problem of overshoot is complex, but requires us humans to change from the inside out.

Lithium batteries is another hyped “fix” like hydrogen and ethanol.

We can only solve our problems by consuming less and lowering our population. Truth does not sell.

We cannot engineer a habitat as rich and hospitable as the one we’ve experienced for ten thousand years or so. We cannot engineer our biosphere. We can do some effective things, like saving as many species as possible.

People do not want to be told the truth, they want false hope and the “carrion comfort” provided by our electronic cocoon.

Maybe a few breeding pairs will survive the bottleneck, but it looks like our business and political “leadership” are Hell-bent on spinning blatantly false visions of tomorrow as being just like today, but with everyone having more and more energy and stuff, and with infinite progress brought by techno-magic.

The lithium battery hype is just part of the techno-magic illusion.

As so often, I find that others put what I’m thinking, better than I can….


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