Queensland coal, climate change, China, peak energy, and stupidity.

The story goes, that on Easter Island, they used to erect statues to appease the gods. They had to chop down trees, of course, to make the rollers and levers, that they used to shift up the statues that they erected to appease the gods. Getting increasingly desperate, due to the increasing lack of trees, they redoubled (think on that) their efforts to appease the gods, which redoubled the tree depletion.

Rather than take responsibility for the deforestation, they chose to continue a doomed way of life. Sorry – way of death. In the end, no canoes left to voyage away to somewhere else, then no canoes to even fish from locally. No firewood.

Death. They deserved it – non-survival of the mentally unfittest.

Not much different from the Queensland effort. One-in-a-hundred-year floods, happening sequentially. After 10 years of record drought. And all we can think about?  Is getting the coalmines back into production – we need the income.

There, in a nutshell/micricosm, goes the flaw in the human condition.

This is an interesting take on the coal/energy part:



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  1. Pakistan floods, 30 million displaced, not a peep. 200,000, and a good bit of coal, all hands on deck. Disgusting eh.

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