Radio New Zealand – investigative reporting? Not.

They’ve had a bad day today. Failed to pull Wayne Mapp up this morning – should have been made to justify.

Failed to discuss what Pete Postlethwaite was about (his windmill comes to mind…..)

Failed to question why food prices are rising, and whether the Federated Farmers comment was nuts (it was). This is cheering because we’ve baggsed a dry deckchair, even as Fatih Birol announces the new angle of the sloping deck.

Failed to question the ‘sustainable dairying’ claim from Ngai Tahu – there is no such animal – so to speak.

I’d give RNZ an ‘F’, and it’s only half-twelve…..


They did better at 5pm. Maybe it was because I emailed them:

  • think it through‏

  • To

From: Murray Grimwood (
Sent: Thursday, 6 January 2011 12:08:58 a.m.
You quote Lachlan McKenzie, and you quoted Fatih Birol (from the Financial Times, I presume). 

Put it together – energy is required for work – that’s just 3rd form science.

If we are reaching a peak in our energy supply (Birol) and if agriculture is only done on the back of that supply (it is) then you have to ask two questions:

1.  How much of the food cost is bound up in energy costs?

2.  What will happen if energy supply declines, or is in more contention?

McKenzie is crowing about having bagsed a sliding deckchair – you should be reporting it only in the context of the slope of the deck.

If our public broadcaster cant/doesn’t do investigative journalism, who will?


Maybe they’ll think it through. I’ll let it go this time – they stopped at the wall that is ‘Spare capacity’. and even those of us who specialise in energy, can’t definitively decry that. We have a fair handle on it – mouse-over Ghawar and the rest, but it has to manifest real-time to be proven. My take is that there is about 2-3 mbpd which could be squirted short-term, and that on average, the souring/deepening/watering during this coming year, will take that out, in effective energy delivered.
Anyway, they did think. And a seed may have been planted. ‘T’is a start.

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