Nine-to-noon / John Fleming – good start to the year, RNZ

I don’t have much time for Ms Ryan. Maybe I’m just too old, and remember Kim Hill circling like a shark, then pouncing, and further back, whatsherhandle that turned Roger Hall down – Sharon Crosbie. She just did it with “and?” “But?”. And they walked right in.

So I wasn’t expecting that interview to go that way. Indeed, Id emailed them beforehand, suggesting they ask about EROEI (given that it was a hydrogen topic…).

Well – she asked intelligently, and he ‘gets it’ more than anyone I’ve ever heard. As far as Peak Oil, energy demand, carbon, and efficiency are concerned. Tops.

I’d have loved to hear his comments on EROEI, and on exponential growth, and on planetary population. I suspect I know what his answers would have been.

Rather than read me raving about it, get yourself a free hour, google: Nine-to-noon John Fleming

(it was at 10.08 this morning) and listen carefully. Very carefully. Peak oil well behind us. A five-year window to adapt ahead. No mention of the obvious: that you cannot do the infrastructure morph that he is suggesting, while ‘growing’, or even while maintaining Business as Usual. Not a hope.Didn’t mention energy underwriting finance 100%, either. I’m sure he knows that, with a mind like that.

Still, we’re on the way. She must be thinking.


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