ODT – not so good

They’ve got a weekly supplementary called ‘World Focus’.

Usually very good.

This one has a piece (Israel: Clean Energy, p3) which reports an outfit making ’tiles’ which ‘generate power’ from the weight and motion of vehicles going past.

So help me, is there a more inefficient way to extract the energy from a tankful of fuel, and turn it into electricity? I doubt it. None of that energy comes from anywhere but the burned fossil fuel on board the vehicle – the ‘weight’ must manifest as a dip in the road, the motion? presumably the same. Either it’s a lowering/ re-raising, or it’s speed slippage, which needs to be regained.

Am I missing something here, oh technical friends?

Free energy it cannot be. Who allowed this through, at every level?

What a nonsense! My reading of their literature is that they contend the deflection of the asphalt is less with their piezos underneath. I say ——-. The tyres will just deflect correspondingly and that will dissipate as heat.

The only bonus might be a socialising if wealth – is a society benefits from whoever bought the gas……


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