privatisation of energy

Well it had to happen. The Government has had the Parliamentary report into Peak Oil for a while now.

So even with mediocre intellects, they should have been able to join the dots. If you’ve got to placate the boys, (and ensure your campaign coffers are full) what better ‘investment’ than opening up energy before the public cotton on to the fact that it is actually the essential of all essentials. And about to become in short supply.

If you sell your house, then rent it back, you are ahead in the short term. If you intend to live there forever (as we kiwis do with NZ) then sooner or later, your one-off windfall is eaten up by the rent, then overtaken by it. In the long term, it’s better to own.

Efficiencies? Bollocks. It comes down to people competency, not public or private. At the end of the day, people competency being equal, the private sector will cost more via profit/dividends.

Ma and Pa investors?  That was the dream with Telecom. Ask them if it was the holy grail.

Energy security?  Make no bones about it, in and energy-constrained world, owning the hydro system will be paramount, second only to water systems/supplies, and perhaps we have to chuck in ‘enough land to grow stuff’ there as well. We need to own it, and nurture it. It will be worth more than it’s weight in gold.

I sense that Key&Co are bankrupt of ideas. They were brought up in a temporary time where cheap, dense energy was freely available, and they made the mistake of treating the state as ‘the norm’, rather than ‘temporary’.

Goff&Co, of course, are as bankrupt themselves. Tax cuts for the poorer, growth, and nothing else. They too, have the Parliamentary report.

Time for someone to holler some truths from the mountaintop, but don’t hold your breath. Dene Mackenzie epitomises to problem of slanted gatekeeping, on the front page of the ODT “selling down of State assets to reduce debt is a sound idea, especially when NZ is borrowing $300 million a week just to meet outgoings”.

Sounds like selling the house and renting it back to me Dene.



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