sue bradford matthew hooton greens vs the left nine to noon

Interesting look at where it is going. Bradford is to NZ what World Vision, Oxfam et al are to the planet. Entirely admirable, and where my parents generation were at – if they had good hearts.

The problem now, is that if we don’t get the habitat stuff sorted, there’s no point in the social safety-net.

None whatever.

Which is what the ‘environmental intellectual middle-class’ she talks of, get. The folk she wants to save, are still buying McDonalds and flat screen TVs. They haven’t a clue.

There are too many on the planet (but probably not too many in NZ) by a factor of three. This is manifest in oil, corn, onion, wheat and tuna prices. With the staples, the poor are bidding with their lives. Yes, you outbid them at present. But you have to remember, you’re going into both types of debt (environmental debt is far more serious than numerical/fiscal) to do so. So you’re not really outbidding, more like outbluffing.

Bradford, sadly, is on the second problem before grappling with the first. No point increasing the ‘wealth’ of the poor, if it is from an unsustainable source. She’s unlocking the steerage passengers, the Greens are suggesting we need lifeboats.

The Greens are right, first.. Sue is right, but only if the first item is sorted, first.


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