Afternoons – Jim Mora Radio NZ – and Climate Change

I’ve long held the view that Mora doesn’t want to acknowledge Climate Change. Yesterdays wee giggle, comes on top of multiple disparagings of Al Gore, and his lifestyle.

I reckon old Jock McChesney would be rolling in his grave – although I’m also guessing Mora was Arts rather than Sciences.

This one was a put-down of a fellow (a scientist) who had predicted a reduction of snowstorms, due to the warming of the planet.

Well, the fellow is right – eventually. Melt the polar caps, and the big circular weather systems won’t have cold polar air to whip around their peripheries, and sling  into the mid-latitudes.

Meantime, the warmer oceans are making the circular systems more powerful (heat is energy, no escaping science) and until the ice stays gone, there will be bigger polar-blast events.

As there will be more/bigger cyclones.

Mora twists things another way too, whether purposely or cognitive-dissonantly, I know not:

He mentioned ‘both sides’ of the argument.

Well, 97% of scientists think AGW is happening. So 3% don’t, which will be part noise, part don’t know, and part paid whore/huckster.

For Mora to call that ‘sides’ stretches journalism well into disingenuous territory.

Report card:  Could do better. A lot better.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, and denial is understandable, but the media have to be above that. There is a clear logic=path problem here, though: if AGW turned out to be a minor influence, we could back off and burn more carbon. If it turns out the science is correct, we are already probably too late, are certainly very late, and have to stop wasting time.

This is Russian roulette, 50/50, get it wrong and it’s all over. Meaning – there is no choice of which action you take – it’s the precautionary one. Not the kind of logic you find in the blue corner, though. Or the red.


2 Responses

  1. Pretty sure Mora’s antics are on purpose. Two or three years ago he had a regular weekly “climate skeptics’ corner” where he would air the views of other heroic nonconformists and chortle along with them. I think he claimed he was investigating the issue with an open mind, but it was pretty obvious where his sympathies lay.

    90% of the guests in that slot seemed to be middle-aged male expat poms, not sure what to make of that. In general climate change denialism seems much commoner in the 50+ age group.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that – but I had noticed the repeated references to ‘Homepaddock’, and now the appearance of Elle Ludemann on his show.
    She is (or was) southern Chair for National, I think.
    A person who’s last original thought was a long way back, from my reading of her blog – but the interesting thing thing is why her?
    Mora going to do a Maggie Barry?
    I guess you’d have to hope for Business as Usual if you were.

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