Well, that went OK.

There are some new shelves in the kitchen. One for the wine – most important. The trees didn’t get planted. The fridge thermostat got re-wired. I think Ive got it sussed. The dog got a walk on the beach. So did we. Jennie baked some wicked fruit loaf. A friend came by, got the ‘tour’, saw the solar dehydrator. That’s about it. Productive? Probably not.Maybe I’ll get the trees planted after tea. But probably not. They can wait.

I listen to the news with growing incredulity. Then I surf my favorites (the oil drum, the energy bulletin, the archdruid report, sharon astyk, the automatic earth, chris martenson, occasionally Kunstler (small doses) Dmitri Orlov, The Post Carbon Institute, and Interest.co.nz. Then I listen with increasing incredulity.

So many opinions, so little grasp. Dad used to say that half the people he knew were below average. but he was always an optimist. I reckon it’s more than that.



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