a home update

It will be brief – I’m away to help a friend make plant-nursery infrastructure. We had a good few days recently – Anna has restored Ziggy (my old Paper Tiger) beautifully, and we had a good trial sail on Sunday. It always looked good through the water – despite being 10kg over weight, and 6mm too long in the starboard hull.

We had a lovely couple out to tea – cruisers who have a circumnavigation under their belt, then a lifestyle farm with WOOFERS, then their current boat. Not bad for an ex bomb-disposal man with hardly any fingers left. And somewhere in town is a fellow off the Wakas which Ish was tracking through the Pacific. We may get to catch up.

Madonna stayed out last night – our blonde bantam cross – presume she’s hunkered down clucky somewhere. Search party tonight. The fridge is now in the groove, the pelton wheel is producing more than we need, and I’m looking at retiring the solar panel. Progress indeed. In fact, with the peltop going 24/7. we are only using the batteries as capacitors in the system now – could really do without them.

Must away – have a good ‘un. 🙂


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