Sunday Star Times – goodbye?

So, there are rumours that Finlay Macdonald and Rosemary McLeod will follow Steve Braunias. 

I have occasional disparaging thoughts about all three, but the worst is that Michael Laws will stay. There’s only one legitimate action in response to that – we’ll be 2.50 better off every Sunday. Macdonald strikes me as ‘comfortably-off middle class left – and I’ve taken him to task on ‘limits’ – with a shoot-the-messenger response. He does some good work, though – that Lloyd Geering interview was a beauty. Like many on the left, he can be ruthlessly indignant when championing rights and freedoms, but like all of the residual trade-union legacy, no grasp of what Geering was on about.

McCleod I regard as an airhead. Maybe she was sharp and/or relevant, once. I don’t know and can’t remember. She’s past her use-by date now – it’s all sex and reminiscences. Braunius is one of the cleverest wordsmiths I’ve seen since Dave Witherow was in his prime – again, some times I got the feeling that he doesn’t want to grasp the bigger issues.

Are they keeping Rod Oram? That’s a surprise – who interceded to alter the clear pattern? Tim Hunter? I’m too far away to see it, but if he’s still there, it doesn’t fit. He a good man, a nice man, and a man of integrity. I suspect he has an Achilles heel in the fact that he’s religious. There’s nothing like assuming that a greater deity is controlling your destiny, to make you not take responsibility for it.

And Laws?  In my humble opinion, a journalists (even an op/ed-ists) obligation is to adhere as closely to the truth as possible – and in the same opinion, I think he falls a little short of that. So to speak.

Not that the SST was doing much good. The lightweight supplement with its twittery editor, the business section with its Carmel Fisher tea-leaf reading, and its quoting – almost boosting at times – of ‘financial products’, is inappropriate – mind you, the same can be levelled at most Business sections nationwide. It certainly applies to the ODT.

The answer is simple – we’ll be joining the ranks of those who aren’t buying it. So there, SST – take THAT!

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