thoughts – Gillard, BMW’S,Morning Report, Bill English, Bernard Hickey

Oh dear. It’s a long haul……. Gillard (it’s the first time I’ve heard her talk at any length) is not the sharpest tool in the shed, is probably as-conservative, and perhaps more, than Key. Don’t expect a carbon charge/limitation, in that girls’ watch. and given that the others will roll Abbott – you never carry an election loser into the next – they’ll be in next time, and they won’t either. Australia is out of time. The irony – that they’re one of the most climate-vulnerable countries – is inescapable.   

So we get new Ministerial Beamers. It’s a side issue, but let’s look at it:  We will all be essentially private-car-less, before ten more years are up.

Even if the peak in that graph is ‘out’ by 10 years, even if the projected down-slope is out by a factor of 2 (ie its half as steep) you only have to overlay increasing demand –  let alone decreasing EROEI, reducing exports – to know that this will be so. That’s the life of a car. So they can keep these ones. The build cost, in both energy and carbon, of new cars, never gets repaid by the increased efficiency of a new – something most folk don’t get. Selling a Camry, and getting a new Prius, for example, never crosses over into positive-for-the-planet territory. So they should run the existing fleet into the ground – by which time it’ll be irrelevant – and set an example.

One of the worst statements  from a Minister, though: “A passing fad” – Bill English on carbon. In my opinion, a dangerous example of the species.

Bernard Hickey – I started on the site, because we were clearly going to go past ‘Peak’ without recognising it, there was a clear need to raise awareness in ‘financial’ (read: artificial, disconnected, religiously held) circles. I looked around, figured there was no use moving in like-minded circles (we’re all converted) and decided he was the most intelligent of the bunch – a good place to settle. Last night, though, I threw up my metaphorical hands in despair – he still thinks there should be cheap land on the peripheries of Auckland. At least, that’s how it appeared – I’m prepared to apologise if I read him wrong:

It’s a short way down, between ‘Basel Brush’ and BH.  Work it out for yourself.

I spent a long time last night, wondering. It’s been put up fairly simply, by myself and others there, and if you applied an average amount of thought to it, you’d have to come to the conclusion that ‘cheaper land on the outskirts’ was not the – or any – answer. Why do these folk not ‘get it’? Is it a wiring/brain condition in part of the species? Those who were reluctant to relinquish religion, maybe, showing the same genetic trait as those who don’t want to relinquish the dream of ‘growth’. It makes some kind of sense – both will be based, deep down, in some kind of self-worth/self-adequacy doubt.

Sad, though. I thought he was more than that. I guess, if your income is that site, and folk hit it to check out interest rates, then you get richer through more hits, which come from more subdivisions. It’s a global problem, maybe it’s insurmountable. A doomed species, if that is so – makes you wonder whether they understand the impact their actions will have on their children’s existence chances.


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