nine to noon – absolutely fabulous – (more added pm)

What a winner today.

New Technology with Nigel Horrocks.      @ 11.07

Talks about Moore’s Law, exponential growth, a new way to manage your internet reading list, and the Webstock conference which kicks off today. (duration: 21′54″)
Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3
I’ll post some on it tonight. If you listen to anything today, this is it. Limits to physics (therefore growth) the lot. This guy gets it in spades.
One wonders if their business crew think it’s relevant. Probably not.
That was a stunning interview. I’ve never heard anyone on radio, so clearly and surely explain the exponential function. Nor have I heard anyone, apart from me (seriously) who appreciates that Mores law had to come to an end – that what I call molecular cross-talk (he call it the atoms getting too chummy) and heat-dissipation (via diminished trackings and increased clocking speeds) had to hit it, at – wait for it – exponential speed.
We need more clear understanding of things physical, but more importantly, this fellow has the gift of articulating  it in understandable form. Outstanding.
I’d give my eye teeth to know whether Patrick O’Mara over at Business, heard it. I’d give the rest, to know if he understood what it meant, in terms of the daily mantra (growth, growth, growth, business confidence, greenshoots, double-dip, growth, an economist said) emanating from the slot.
Probably not. It’s a good start, though. Something to refer others to – to ask for rebuttals (not denials) or for silence. It’s going to be a long road, and we’re probably too late, but hey, you’re always better off if you try. This man is the kind we need.
Ryan has to do some thinking now: any other interview subject she gets, who touts or predicts growth, has to be challenged on the basis of what she’s just heard. It would be a big step toward where we have to go – although the people in Cabinet might well decide to close Nat Radio (or strangle it until it resembles a corpse) rather than let that type of reality out of the bag.
Good on her, though. Credit where credit’s due. It happened, which is more than you can say for almost anyone, Hill and Laidlaw being the brave exceptions. Is there anyone even near this in private radio? I don’t listen, but I doubt it.
More, I say. Even if his law  has hit the wall.

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