We were up there for the PT South Island champs, and went to the Sparks in the Park” on the Sat night. We were impressed with the sense of community, the great atmosphere, and with the leadership obviously behind the effort.

I spent the night thinking of a couple of friends who haven’t reported in, and thinking of how I holler about the fact that we are looking at a ‘long emergency’, versus this real one (If we are going to have to drop 6 billion people from the global roll, as folk like me say, so-far safe in so-far intact middle-class NZ, how does this fit in?) Thinking about what we build, spend our lives doing. What’s important.

People, really. Love, affection, friends. Not much else, when the chips are down.

If anyone needs help, I’m good on the end of a hammer, good at make-do, not bad with a stillson-wrench.

Just holler


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