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I”m sure Bernard Hickey won’t mind me repeating it here (given that I wrote half of it!). I’ll do a spiel in more depth on this, after I’ve fed the chickens, put the washing out, done the dishes, unloaded the trailer ……………..

by Wolly | 01 Mar 11, 4:13pm

“Prime Minister John Key


“Prime Minister John Key wants an inquiry into the collapse of the Pyne Gould and CTV buildings in last week’s earthquake.”rnz

Go and have a read but be warned…it will  make you spit tacks….and it is going to mean some major changes to the slack way councils behave.

by KW John | 01 Mar 11, 6:12pm



documentation…. earthquake….. lost in.

by powerdownkiwi | 02 Mar 11, 8:21am New

Wolly – witch-hunts are a


Wolly – witch-hunts are a popular sport, but this was/is a matter of physics.

The ability of a structure to withstand acceleration (which is all it is – think of being a passenger in a 747, you feel the acceleration, but not the cruising speed) is a function of the mass (weight) and the height. Mass is straight-line, but height is on a square-law.

You design for a certain acceleration, and attempt to damp out resonance (all structures resonate – think of bouncing on a wire swing-bridge). Some attempts to damp have included giant pistons – shock-absorbers alle same car – and huge counter-weights, one instance I know of, those consisted of two 300-ton weights many floors up, able to slide across the building, but not along it.

These buildings will have beed designed to a standard, and the PGG stood satisfactorily for what? – 45 years?

We can assume that the design parameters will be tightened, to cover – with a margin of safety – that which has been experienced. I suspect we will be low-rise, lightweight, and have mandatory redundancy in the skeletal components.

It’s neither rocket science, nor witch-hunt territory.

Although it may be indicative of the arrogance of one particular species…….


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