todays agenda

One of those ‘Good Life’ days coming up. Jen only works half a day today, I’ll help a friend out this morning, after the chooks have been fed, goat shifted, dishes done and the next article finished and sent.

We’ve got one of the glass-houses home (we bought two, going to put them end-to-end, with parts of a third fabricated up in between. The other comes home Sunday  – they’re easy to trailer fully-assembled, ex glass; we lifted the first one over two fences …..   Should end up with about 7 metres by 2 metres, all glass (we are skeptical of plastic long-term) except for the down-sun wall, which we’ll make of old coolstore panel, and we’ll do a heat-sink too – insulated masonry or black water containers.

Six baths await being placed in the garden, and the (edison-like) speaker horns are under construction. (less power required for amplification, was the weak excuse…) The ‘to do’ list reminds me of Dennis Jenkinson and his Mille Miglia pace-notes for Stirling Moss – just keep scrolling….

Better go do it…….or it won’t get done.


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