an apology to Cantabrians

There was an article on the front page of the Otago Daily Times yesterday. One John Christie, from the Otago Chamber of Commerce, suggesting that “the reality is that there will beneficiaries” (of the earthquake), and suggesting Dunedin could benefit from a “game-changer”.

The Mayor, Dave Cull, put it better “I think there’s an opportunity to help, and that’s as far as it will go in the meantime”.

Make that ‘all time’, Dave.        

Really, you have to ask questions of the ODT – particularly in the light of the Dene Mackenzie omission of the most important part of the Bollard speech, and the Dene Mackenzie ‘opinion’ on the front page – of a NEWS paper, go figure) that it was a ‘good idea’ to sell off energy assets.It needs to raise its understanding, or to lose its inbuilt bias.

That article should never have made the front page – nor in my opinion, any page.

Sorry Cant’y folk, most of us down here are happy giving whatever is needed, without counting cost, and without an eye on the ‘main chance’. Just holler.


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