Good Life – day two

A second day at home, and a Southerly has just rained its way northwards. We’ve been indoors, me tidying up this blog, Jennie getting the new spinning wheel going. It’s another Ashford (or a clone) but seems to have a history: there’s a wee plaque on it which says:

Presented to the Woolly Westcoasters by the Greymouth Lions    1976.

It runs fine – was minus the brake (as was ours) but that’s not a biggie. She’s rapping as I write.

Yesterday we lifted the spuds (Heathers) from the big garden plots – ended up with about 10 trays clamped, so even with Jaryd back home (who knows for how long 🙂 we’ve got the year covered, and enough to re-plant.

Jen also lifted her onions – they’re monsters. There’s a couch-full out in the conservatory, and I swear some are the size of baseballs/grapefruit.

Looks like we’ve got the loan of another goat, which is cool, winter blackberry attack here we go.

I’m anticipating finishing the wire-lacing of first speaker-trumpet today, and at some stage we might start setting up the Parengo blog – figures we’d do a diary of the activities hereabouts, now Jennie’s home so much.

There are 6 baths awaiting placement, filling and winter planting, and Jaryd has been given the firewood-splitting chore (you gotta use the young and fit while they’re around).

And I suspect there’ll be a beach-walk in there somewhere…….   must away –  I hear the coffee brewing….


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