Bill English – and the bleat goes on.

There it goes, hallelujah brothers (they’re mostly men) praise the dollar and pass the plate. Please give generously, our grand plan just ran out of funds.

Of course, this was happening before the ‘quake’ – things were never coming back, there was no chance they could. Unless he could point to a new, mass, compact form of energy.

This is just a compressed microcosm of what we can expect  long-term. An ideology driven by ‘growth’, and assuming there will be export earnings – failing to grasp that those earnings have to be underwritten in turn.

So – instead of accepting that a lot (most/all eventually) of the business activities in a CBD are parasitic on real activities, and evaluating what would address that, they’re going to try to re-establish, full-steam ahead, as much of what they had (business, not buildings) as they can.


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