Rebuilding elsewhere?

Here we go. Key (and he’s going up in my estimation – one of the few who can say it like it is) has acknowledged that areas will have to be abandoned – as Martin V and others were saying from hour one.

There will inevitably be sharks/winners, the ‘have I got a deal for you’ brigade, the land-bankers, the developers. Aside of that, there are two questions: one is: what land? The other is what does this do cumulatively? 

The first can only have one answer: surrounding farm-land. (I include currently-available subdivisions in that – they were surrounding farmland). This is different from the ‘exponential expansion forever’ debate. This is a case of displacing the status-quo, in area terms.

For every quarter acre out towards the foothills, there will be an abandoned one back in Bexley, or wherever. Seems to me, they can be cultivated in a straight swap – indeed they would seem to have been well manure’d in advance.

Hopefully, the opportunity to turn those areas into community (vegie) gardens / parks will be taken. It’s an opportunity that will never come again.

That only leaves the question of socialsing the debt – but we’re so far down that track, I’m not sure this isn’t just a drop in the bucket.


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