an exellent day.

I helped a mate out today. He’d bought a place which had been a cattery/doggery. Long stopped taking guests, but the names of the incumbent long-stayers (now long dead, of course) are still on the top of the doors to the cubicles: Bobby, Sam. Bessie….   He’s developing it into a native plant nursery, and it’s got to the stage where he’d run out of room to store potted plants. I’ve been making pallets from the doggy-doors, covering them in old coolstore-panel coloursteel. Today, I made a rack of eight of them, like stairs, on a shady slope under the trees (they like the shade). Tres satisfying.

Jaryd (home with us between flats) has been getting the chainsaws working (3 were, 3 weren’t) just in time for $35/litre oil.

Guess we’ll have to start producing ethanol.

Jennie went to work (as she does 2.5 days a week now), climbed on a bus in Dunedin and spent an hour touring the hill suburbs (including passing the place she started from) after asking ‘does this go to the Octagon?”.

She’d have been quicker walking. Perhaps if we got the Dunedin bus ststem sorted, we be able to delay peak oil by a year or two. Somehow, I don’t think either will happen.

Still and all, I had less satisfying days.


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