voyaging update

Steve and Pauline (Rum Doodle) are back in port, and we’re going for a catch-up soon.

Evohe has come back from the Auckland Islands, and Steph says school is a bit boring, but you don’t have to hold on…..  Evohe sails for Auckland, with Emma on board, and then into the Pacific for the continuation of last year’s Waka sojourn.

Ishmael has done his ‘200-ton Master ticket, and Foftein hits the water soon – to do the Waka thing too. I think it’s Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska, Western Seaboard. I sometimes wonder what David Lewis would make of it all – I’m sure he’d be chuffed.  That regeneration of a culture/knowledge almost lost, which he played a part in, this is the manifestation of it. Curt Ashford would be tickled too. A kid named after the schooner he built, running a super-yacht backing up a fleet of Wakas, which can trace their existence back to Hokolea – which he built, and David oversaw.

I’m getting itchy feet again…….

ps – as I write this, there’s a programme on Hokolea, on National Radio. touche…..



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