It’s all about energy. Japan, Solid Energy, Act.

I noticed it about Canterbury, and now about Japan. You can rescue and dig and remove and relocate, only by throwing large amounts of grunt. Japan imports about 80% of her energy, 30% is on-site nuclear. You have to wonder how complex societies will cope with these type of events when fossil energy is in contention.

Badly and getting badlier, one guesses.

Then we have the no-coincidence comments this morning from Don Elder, suggesting that Solid Energy should be the buyer of Pike River. Notice the careful spin (introducing the ‘families and their loved-ones’) from a fellow who then claims to go back a century (long bow, equating Solid Energy with the Dept of Mines), and conveniently forgets the left-behind bodies in the Strongman.

Yeah right.

Then he mentions ‘open cast’ – and 10 minutes later, we get a report from the Act party conference, that this will be one of their election platforms. We now know where to look when checking Act election funding, but that’s just an aside. Really, this is a signal that the boys are a bit antsy  – and that the ante has just been raised.

It’s all atop the sinking global ship, though. Just what the market for coking coal is when the balloons startto burst, is hard to guess. We were always going to go after the fossil fuels, and there was always going to be a denial brigade, the question is: are we a mature enough society to show self-discipline, and respect for those who come after us?

Not while folk like Elder and Hide are allowed on the stage. Time we booed them off.



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