Heinberg – he makes the most sense to me.

I think he’s pessimistic on his appraisal of coal reserves, otherwise I don’t have a divergence with this guy. He’s where I got to too, same process same basis same time-span.


a taste:

“It is tricky because to a very large extent economics isn’t a science – it’s a set of philosophies and assumptions to which a lot of very complicated mathematics has been attached.  The math looks very scientific to an outside observer but it’s based, again, on a lot of assumptions.  Really, moral philosophy is what it’s been, almost from the very beginning.” ………………….  “I gravitated towards people who, first of all, used as a their basis for thinking, bio-physical reality – rather than starting from economic theory as a given and sorting things out on that basis”.

Couldn’t put it much better, really. Economists are the High Priests of a discredited 🙂 religion.

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