Dunedin City Council – fraud?

So now it’s out in the open. The word was (round Dunedin) that the Council-owned Companies had had the lean put on them – to put off what could be put off, to pony up what could be ponied up.

All to get the Stadium project over the threshold.

And now we’re being told that the ‘funding’ offered, is just debt being incurred, and most of that from transactions with the ratepayers who were being told they were being ‘supported’.

There’s a word for that, Mr Hudson. There’s a words for that Mr Brown. And there’s a legal description for that, Mr Chin and Mr Guest (and sadly, Mr Weatherall) :

The word for using debt to ‘repay debt’ is


A case of Peter and Paul robbing the ratepayer, on behalf of?  Who owned the land? Who got the deals? Who got the work?

And the word for not reporting this clearly, for omission and obfuscation of information, for deciding to print what was printed on the Thursday before Elections closed?

Thats ‘being an accessory after the fact’.

Or perhaps that should be ‘ex-the-fact’.

Editorial standards?   bah humbug. We’re a long way adrift of that measure yet.

In my humble opinion.


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