Libya – RNZ nine-to-noon

Good enough interview, with a ‘not stupid’ reporter in Tripoli – but then we get to ‘cost of the military action’, and I think a billion dollars was mentioned.

Gaddafi has said that he’d sell his 1.6 million barrels per day to China. 1.6 million  x say $100 = $160,000,000.

so 6.25 days to the $billion.

365/6.25= $58.4 billion (USD).

lost if not retained.

The West had no choice – but it’s more than that……as I point out here often………. it’s energy. Regardless of price, you’re sunk without it. Europe can’t do with 1.6 mbpd less. That’s not negotiable. Although a true sceptic would deduct the military fuel being used to get there.


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