Society of Skeptics – I’m sceptical.

The Society of Skeptics made a big mistake yesterday. They celebrated an anticipated non-event, half-way through the period in contention.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Lunar eventer, on occultist, and a pretty serious skeptic myself – even if I spell it with a c.

But – serious skeptics wouldn’t just ridicule out-of-hand.


All this is physics. Geotechnical folk don’t look at stuff outside their discipline – as I’ve pointed out often here, as folk become more and more expert in one field, they = as a rule – become less and less all-encompassing.

Does the moon exert a gravitational force on the Earth?  Yes – here’s a starter:

So – if there’s a force building up between masses of rock, in shear or whatever along a fault-line (what an engineer would call the ‘failure link’ in a structure) then name me one trigger of bigger magnitude than lunar forces?

A true skeptic would have appraised that first – and waited to see what happened. These folk are actually just as bad as Ken Ring – in that they too, arrogantly as it turns out – thought they ‘knew’ what would happen on the day.

Just turns out they were wrong.

Do I think Ring was right?  No. But I don’t think he has been proven wrong – not by a long shot.

I remain, yours truly, s(c)eptical.


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