This:     Ashvin Pandurangi: When the Lights Go Out

With this:

Why do I suggest that?  Dyer is a smart man, and an honest one. He, though, is coming from an “I like who we are” starting-point, and his concern is Climate Change.

That (CC) in an entirely legitimate concern, but it won’t be first cab off the rank now – energy depletion/scarcity will. So even as we fight to do something to mitigate CC, we’ll be using contentious energy to do so. Dyer, like Tim Flannery (another whose intelligence and honesty I don’t question) thinks that nuclear energy is the lesser of evils. I don’t share that ease of conscience.

But it’s probably a moot point. History suggests we will use the all of the coal, the all of the gas, the all of the oil, and the all of the uranium, from this pint on. Other morphs have had something to morph to, and a Moores’ Law expansion of knowledge running alongside the process.

It all had to peak, and the higher the gaussian, the bigger the fall.

Good reads both, though.


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