an activities update

It’s been a busy time hereabouts lately. Ive had an ‘urgent before winter’ roofing project for Dad, and a friend wanting help with his nursery. One fellow (who I haven’t met yet) has asked for help too – and I haven’t even replied yet! Maybe today!

The place needed a lot of pre-wintering too – the last of the trusses got stacked in the trees, and the space where they were is now formal firewood-stack. Jaryd (home between flats) has the job of filling it 🙂  

The glasshouse frames are sitting waiting for the tomatoes to finish, so we can shift things around and start construction. The fridge got a sort-out, and a bit more insulation – not that it needed it. It’s trucking well, although I’ve anti-rusted the external cooling-grid, and really should paint it.

Yesterday, I gave a lecture at the Polytech, to the first-year architectural/draughting/quantity surveying intake. They were a bright bunch, and it was a bit more interactive than last year (maybe that’s me, in part – more sure of pacing and what I wanted to get across).  It was good fun, and quite satisfying. Some of them stayed on for quite a while afterwards – and some good think-tanking. Good stuff. I said to Jen, that I could do that permanently (and it’s rare for me to say that about anything). (well, almost anything… 🙂

Better go feed the chooks, let them out, shift the goat, put that 10-amp circuit-breaker in the battery-house feed, do some washing, the dishes, sooooooo exciting!  After which, some serious work on the house – winter’s a’comin.

have a ‘good’un’.


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