Obama – tarred with the same b(r)ush…..


It (the article)’s  filtered from a pre-held slant, but the facts shine through: this is an Administration out of ideas, out of options, and in the grip of lobbyists.

I’d figured that Obama and Chu were the last hope for timely change; surely Chu would ‘get it’?


Or maybe he does, and realises there’s no palatable answer. Certainly, digging into the coal at increased speed, with no CCS process in sight (and none with a good EROEI outcome perhaps possible) is condemning our grandchildren, and probably our children, to insurmountable anguish.

Maybe they were headed there anyway, but it was worth a shot. Shame on that man. So much for Michelle’s vegie garden. Or maybe, it’s: shame on their system – where money out-bids truth.

Reminds you of here, really……


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