an even better day out

on the water just after 9, off just before 6.  6 races – or was it 7?  Quite strong at the start, and some inevitable carnage. Boats in various stages of ‘not ready’, some youngsters on vertical learning-curves. I saw two rigs down, and saved one from dropping myself, on the racecourse.

The usual at the back of the fleet – not pointing high enough, overlaying the layline, tacking too often, tacking at the wrong time.

The front of the fleet isn’t of the standard of the last few years, either – but they were an exceptional echelon, these things come and go.

A lotta fun though, a whole lotta fun. Zeb the Border Collie is my offsider in the inflatable rescue-boat. He’s been working hard – is absolutely tuckered.Loves the kids, and it’s returned in most cases.

Long after these youngsters have stopped remembering the stuff they learned at school, they’ll be using the social, problem solving, and strategic skills they are picking up through this event – not unlike Outward Bound or the Spirit of New Zealand in some respects.

Still, if we volunteers didn’t show up, it wouldn’t happen. Should be part of the curriculum, by rights. A mandatory part of turning out good rounded citizens. Sorry, I forgot – we just need to turn out good little unquestioning consumers. The gospel according to Bill English and Anne Tolley. Silly me.


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