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I’ll pen some thoughts tonight, but the day is too good to waste indoors.

Here’s the Archdruid pontificating:


Although you could get it straight from his blog.

here’s an excerpt:

All these things changed in a hurry at the end of the Seventies. Why? Because the attitudes that replaced them – the shrill insistence that the environment doesn’t matter, that the free market will solve every problem, that the world was created in 4004 BCE with as much oil, coal, and gas as God wants us to have, and that the world will end in our lifetimes so our grandchildren won’t have to deal with the mess we’d otherwise be leaving them – are all attempts to brush aside the ugly fact that the choices made at the end of the Seventies, and repeated by most Americans at every decision point since then, have cashed in the chance of a better future for our grandchildren, and spent the proceeds on an orgy of consumption in the present.


wow – clearly said, clearly sighted.


Grantham – and beyond


That’s essentially the article I mentioned yesterday.

Here’s a great reply, down the thread:  (from someone with the pen-name ‘Greenish’).

I think a hypothetical wise sentient species, given the resources and opportunities we were given, probably could have spread life and industry far beyond earth, while pointedly avoiding mucking up the earth’s life systems. Unfortunately, no such species arose, and if it arises in the future it will not have the resources. So earth life will almost certainly end on the earth.

The difference between the list of things which are “not physically impossible” and the list of those which are “not socially and politically possible for humans as they now exist” is huge. Chaotic path-dependency notwithstanding, hardwired core aspects of human behavior mean that widespread individual change is unlikely. It is not impossible that the human race will, one person at a time, enlighten itself and drastically change its behaviors in the nick of time… just as it is not impossible that all the oxygen molecules in my room will spontaneously find themselves above my head, and I’ll pass out before finishing this note.


Nope, I’m done & still well-oxygenated.

The implications of aggregate probability are not confined to thermodynamics; but we have a particular blindness for it in our own actions, and our evolved systems have learned to correct for the noise of minority opinion.

Well put.!

sigh – Brash, Joyce, same old same old

What a morning. Hard frost, clear sky, the house starting to cook….. The turkeys are meandering down in the picknic ground, the goat didn’t get tangled so he got to his hutch and survived the frost. Chooks are being trained (kept in) today.

Just stumbled on the site of a fellow traveller, alle same thinky. Same list of projects/dreams, more or less. Pity, we were just up that way….

Brash – well, the boys needed Act (or something) to magnify the numbers. Hide was gone, so it made sense to use someone who might be acceptable to a wider echelon. Still a waste of time, given where we have to go as a society. Brash hasn’t a clue (he doesn’t even sound clever). There will always be folk like that, of course – what we need is for the majority to be able to see through them. Not so far…..

Joyce – well, same mantra, really. More highways, growth…. hell, we’re not going to be able to maintain what we already have, and there’s zero budget increase for that (I presume he presumes oil prices are irrelevant?) maintenance. One wonders what he made of the Parliamentary Peak Oil report? Too many words, perhaps.

This isn’t a ‘right wing / left wing’ thing – it’s simply a matter of realities now, addressing of same. We aren’t doing a very goods job.

Still – looks like being a good day. Better get on with it.

Simply stunning. HT to AndyH @ Interest.co.nz

todays read – and tomorrows too. I can’t beat it, wouldn’t want to. It’s all there, in proportion, coherent and logical. Well done, that man.


Steven Joyce – no more petrol tax?

I think the pundits are right. Joyce withdrew the 1.5 cent extra tax because it is election year.

I also think he is of a genre who instinctively prefer private enterprise, and would be comfortable offloading the angst in the direction of private toll-way owners.

There WILL be an increase in fuel tax, though. This is a compound equation, given that all the construction of the transport infrastructure, is oil-using too. As I’ve been yammering for a while now, all economics is energy-based – no energy, no work done. It’s item one, page one, of every introductory treatise on physics.

For the best look at where we are at, oil-wise, try this:


Take a goodly time, and think on the graphs carefully. Me, Id’ better check the chooks, the chicks, the turkeys, the goat, and the pelton-intake.  Then I’d better write this article (I tried on the boat, but the scenery was too good, company too easy, wine too close at hand……).

we’re back

That……… was a good break. We did a circuit of old friends, and some not so old. Lotsa talk, lotsa wine, good scenery. We started with friends in Takaka, and got to see the Pupu Hydro Society’s pelton-wheel hydro system – very cool. We then stayed a few days with the folk on Rum Doodle, parking off Abel Tasman Nat Park, having visited other friends en-route.

The ship-board part was the highlight – easy company, nice boat, good scenery. We did some good walks, scrubbed the boat, read, talked.

Then on to older friends just out of Nelson, a good catch-up, and it finished with bringing the boat folk along for a combined tea.

The long haul home, Easter traffic, rain and all, was adequately compensated by picking up a couple of turkeys from friends in Oamaru.

Gobble gobble.

I’ll write more soon, but there is a bit of catching-up to do – 3rd load of washing now on, chooks to attend to, firewood to chop, no rest for the retired…..