a few good reads:

not sure if I’ve pointed this one out before, but it’s a goodie:


then there’s this:


He’s always good, is Heinberg.

Then this – spot the flaw?


It’s the Brownlee flaw – 100 years (mentioned twice – once by Yergin, once by Obama). The proviso is always “at current rates of usage”.  Use it more than the current rate, the 100 years quickly shortens. Notice the talk of cars running on it – presumably extra to the “100 years”. And – no talk of EROEI whatever. This is spin. From a known spinmeister.

Natural Gas has always been understood to be the big, but not big enough, thing:


and for something different (the piccy has memories for me – I used to run a similar machine down at Roslyn Mills in the mid-70’s, doffing creels and bobbins for 12 hours at a (night-shift) stretch.


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