the Draft Energy Strategy – lets have a wee think….

Firstly, the ideologues behind this, see it differently from the ‘environmentalists’.

The Draft clearly tries to separate the ‘90% renewables’ from fossil fuel extraction. Presumably, the issue of carbon offsetting is somebody elses, once you’ve sold it to them. You apparently just pocket the money, without any blame attatched.

There are two flaws in this argument: one is that there is no money without energy. You simply need it to ‘do’ anything. Yes, an ‘advanced’ country can offload some of that real work to a cheaper-wage country – for a while. The problem is that this is like not painting your house for too long – it gets worse faster with time.

Sooner or later, the cheap-wage countries don’t want anything from you except your energy. That’s the same result you get with the ‘sell the house and then rent it back’  approach, and absolutely the same as selling off the Energy Companies – sooner or later your pile of capital runs out. Sayonara.

The other flaw is that this is a one-off resource, and it does more than energy. It has been said that burning fossil fuel to move ourselves, is akin to burning a Picasso to keep warm. I don’t know – I’m no art lover, but the resource makes plastics, including all the pipes we get water from, and send our waste back through. It makes pens, computers, tunnel-houses, fertiliser………  So far, there is no replacement even on the horizon, for making those things.

Then there’s the waste of time that is pursuing ‘economic growth’, as a goal. Given that the very strategy – extracting finite fossil fuels – underlines the fact that economic activity is based on them, what is the strategy for the down-side of the Hubbert (or Gaussian) curve? There’ ain’t one – and yet their attempted action will result in us having the biggest possible sprawl of infrastructure we’ve ever had, at precisely the time when we need to not have it.

If you’re gonna hit a brick wall, the best course of action is to apply the brakes. Even if you’re too late, the impact will be less. These folk are stepping on the gas, which is stupid.

The media are two stages away from this, so it will be a classic ‘he said/she said’ developers vs environmentalists portrayal. Sad, considering.


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