And the one that relates to Jennie and I:

Redgum’s ‘Gladstone Pier’ (we sailed past it, singing the song, on our year’s cruise of the Queensland coast) Jennie was making lunch, the boys were crewing on ‘Jannanna’, the sun was shining, and the SE Trades were pumping.

He was a sailor
Swarthy lean and proud
He could take a schooner through a big sea swell
Aloof in the mainland crowd

She loved his quiet laughter
Like a boy he’d shrug and grin
Beach stretched wide at Port Mackay
With dreams upon the wind

He wore her name in a rose tattoo
Long weekends of gins and lime
She lived in Cairns made plans to move
Checkout girl part-time
And rumour said there’s a boom ahead
You can make your future here
By the Gladstone pier

A two roomed five row shelter
Empty hopes, the damp, the flies
Prices hyped her face grew tight
And conversation died

And the foreman at the smelter said you’re much too old
Try the cane fields furthers north
And the clerk at the market said we don’t buy trouble
There’s a strike down at the port

Then a six-day shift in a filthy pit
The drag lines gouging cold
The black dust gnaws at your lungs and pores
And anger rots your soul
And the queue round the block waits for you to drop
Can you take it for another year
By the Gladstone Pier

Every Sunday he’d walk alone
Casting pebbles at the passing waves
Plunge in brine cleanse his pride
A stronger man remains

The [growing ship] shale and distant sails
Ached within his bones
And ships upon the tide
Bound for ports unknown


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