A mellow daze…

A good day today. Jen went off early to run the Reading Association morning, and AGM. 2 guest speakers back-to-back, 120 attendees, apparently went well. Jaryd went to work (I heard him go….) and they both got home at about 1.30.

By that tine, I’d got the chooks done, the washing out, dishes done, the firewood rounds up from the forest, the boat stuff stored away, and the work-space between the shipping containers tidied up. Jen brought home the remnants of the catering, so we sat under the brollie, and dined in the manner befitting. Something. 

I then separated the batteries – though one was dropping and dragging down the others. That appears to not be the case, but I’ll leave it overnight to be sure. The back-up battery will do the job overnight, and the pelton wheel is faithfully charging no matter what.

Jaryd started splitting wood, and split the axe…… so he and I set to at about 4pm, to lift the roof on his sleepout, lay in insulation, building paper over, and put the iron back. I left him to it when the sheets of iron were pinned back in place, and he finished at 5.30. We’d been talking about doing it since he came home (inevitably it looks like he’s away again) – funny how it takes less time to do….

Wheeled out the solar dehydrator – the local Sustainability Group are coming for a nosey tomorrow arvo – I’m away to sail the Hobie in the morning, for the first time in ages.

It’s one of those still, autumnal evenings, the sun has been shining all day, every window, door and vent (in the house) has been open all day, just closed now. Temperature upstairs is 29.4 (I’m shirtless!) 12 6 outside, 26.9 downstairs, and 24.1 in the conservatory – just chilling off now. There will be no need for the woodstove……….

It’s hard to remember when we first got here, the bare clay pad, the caravan, the sheds, the ad-lib shower, it just seems so easy now. At first, there were too many balls in the air, now there’s time for preventative maintenance.

And – I suspect, a quiet shiraz tonight. The Good Life? You betcha. Wouldn’t change places with anyone..



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