A grand day out. And in.

A superb day. Started foggy, then a gently NE, then mirror calm, then a wee SW. Took a fellow and one – then two – wee kids out on the Hobie, as part of Sailing School. Steve was out on Hi Jinks, and Anna on Ziggy, but is turned to calm.

Got home in time for the Sustainability crowd visit. They came from Palmerston, Waikouaiti, Waitati, and parts in between. Ostensibly, they were here for ‘Solar dehydrating, and de-cluttering’ (my reply to – as in I’m a collector). As usual, the talk ranged from here to there and back again. Tractors, bikes, a visit to the pelton wheel, discussions of generators, flow, gravity, water-tanks, voltages, sheep species, building, solar…….

Just the usual stuff. They left around 5, and I got to the bottom of the charging issue: silt build-up in the line. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain lately, much erosion uphill of us. Gave it a few minutes to blast itself clear (literally) and got the good old ‘hum’ back. Must get the new intake (big stainless stilling-well, big coarse filter, smaller secondary, drain outlet on the stilling well) sorted and installed.

Will sleep well.

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