Great post and thread on The Oil Drum

One comment from the thread (I gotta lotta time for this guy):

ROCKMAN on April 12, 2011 – 8:23am Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Parent subthread | Comments top

‘Mamba – Unfortunately I see matter completely the opposite from you. As we go further down the PO path the world in general (at least the greedy hydrocarbon consumers) will care less about AGW and more about trying to maintain BAU. That expectation is reinforced by the fact that as I type I’m sitting on a drilling rig in S Texas. Just made a nice little NG well (from which I’ll be selling the NG rather cheap). I can also look across the corn field and watch them beginning the construction of the White Stallion coal-fired power plant that will be burning Australian coal. And all this happening just 6 miles from the S Texas nuclear plant. The plant that had a $48 billion expansion suspended after the mishap in Japan (a 20% partner in the project is one of the Japanese utilities). Also cost this county 8,000 jobs.

I just turned 60 yo this morning so no matter how bad the situation gets it won’t be a problem for me very long. OTOH I have a 12 yo daughter that will have to deal with it the rest of her life. Would be nice if I was wrong and you were right.But I don’t think so”.

There’sa a human being of the right kind….

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