we’re back

That……… was a good break. We did a circuit of old friends, and some not so old. Lotsa talk, lotsa wine, good scenery. We started with friends in Takaka, and got to see the Pupu Hydro Society’s pelton-wheel hydro system – very cool. We then stayed a few days with the folk on Rum Doodle, parking off Abel Tasman Nat Park, having visited other friends en-route.

The ship-board part was the highlight – easy company, nice boat, good scenery. We did some good walks, scrubbed the boat, read, talked.

Then on to older friends just out of Nelson, a good catch-up, and it finished with bringing the boat folk along for a combined tea.

The long haul home, Easter traffic, rain and all, was adequately compensated by picking up a couple of turkeys from friends in Oamaru.

Gobble gobble.

I’ll write more soon, but there is a bit of catching-up to do – 3rd load of washing now on, chooks to attend to, firewood to chop, no rest for the retired…..


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