Steven Joyce – no more petrol tax?

I think the pundits are right. Joyce withdrew the 1.5 cent extra tax because it is election year.

I also think he is of a genre who instinctively prefer private enterprise, and would be comfortable offloading the angst in the direction of private toll-way owners.

There WILL be an increase in fuel tax, though. This is a compound equation, given that all the construction of the transport infrastructure, is oil-using too. As I’ve been yammering for a while now, all economics is energy-based – no energy, no work done. It’s item one, page one, of every introductory treatise on physics.

For the best look at where we are at, oil-wise, try this:

Take a goodly time, and think on the graphs carefully. Me, Id’ better check the chooks, the chicks, the turkeys, the goat, and the pelton-intake.¬† Then I’d better write this article (I tried on the boat, but the scenery was too good, company too easy, wine too close at hand……).


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